Why Buy a Crossover?

Crossover vehicles are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. Many people choose them when they desire a vehicle that offers extra space but still drives like a car. When you purchase your next vehicle, we want to know your purchase was an informed decision. Stop at Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville and get all the facts on the benefits of crossovers.

Some of the benefits of crossovers include:

• Drivers experience better fuel economy than with SUVs.
• Crossovers provide an excellent ride that’s similar to a car
• Crossovers are offered at competitive prices that are cheaper


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Clay Bar Treatment with Car Detailing: 101

The clay bar treatment has been around for years, but it's just starting to get noticed more as car detail specialists offer it as part of the full service. Clay bar treatments can help your paint look better and last longer. There are a number of reasons why paint tends to fade, but some of them can be prevented. Most people think it's just wax that can help, but the clay bar is actually better at protecting against rust and harsh chemicals that can cause your paint to fade and break down.

If you want to get the…
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What You Need to Know to Avoid a Tire Blowout

If there are things that you can be doing to keep your vehicle working well and to avoid having emergencies come about while on the road, don't you want to do those things? There are ways that you can avoid a tire blowout, and Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville wants you to know all about the things that you can be doing to look out for yourself.

You can help your vehicle avoid going through a tire blowout by making sure that your tires have the proper amount of air in them before you hit the road. You do not want…
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Breaking Through Several Common Motor Oil Myths

It’s sometimes hard to determine fact from fiction when it comes to motor oil. Many motor oil myths have been circulating for so long that a majority of drivers simply take them as facts. Below is information that’s intended to clear up some of the most common motor oil myths.

Vehicles may be able to go up to 7,000 miles between oil changes instead of the universally indicated 3,000 mile interval, and oil filters should always be changed along with the oil. Modern synthetic oil doesn’t cause shrinkage of internal...

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The Reasons to Own a Hatchback

When you are out shopping for a car, you have the choice between a sedan or a hatchback model. Each of these vehicles have their pros and cons. Hatchbacks certainly do have a lot going for them.

One of the best reasons to buy a hatchback is the fact that they have more storage space. In most hatchbacks, the back seats will fold down, so you can haul items home for the grocery or hardware store easily and conveniently. Hatchbacks are also very stylish. They aren't quite as square looking as many sedans are. Also, hatchbacks tend to have…
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Reasons to Consider a Car Cover

There are different things that you will do to look out for your vehicle, and the team here at Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville wants to help you understand how you can keep that vehicle in the best shape. A car cover can help you protect your vehicle and help it stay in good shape for a long time.

A car cover is important to use when you are parking your vehicle beneath a tree. The cover will keep small branches, leaves, and pollen from making the car dirty or messing with its finish. A car cover is important if you are…
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Understanding the Basics of Car Differentials

Thousands of different mechanical components must work in perfect harmony for your car to run smoothly. That includes a unique and complex device known as a differential. Here is a closer look at how differentials work and some steps that you can take to keep yours running smoothly.

The primary job of the differential is to allow each of a vehicle’s wheels to spin independently of one another. That job is extremely important when turning or driving over bumps. When a differential is broken or worn, it can force a vehicle to veer to the side. Broken differentials also…

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Signs of Suspension Difficulties

The suspension system in your vehicle is designed to help minimize the vibrations you feel from the road, and it is designed to keep your car from being damaged by road bumps and dips. Sometimes, the suspension system becomes defective and needs to be serviced.

When the suspension on your vehicle is experiencing difficulties, you may notice that your vehicle bounces a lot more after hitting a bump. Your vehicle may also lean heavily into turns when the suspension isn't right. If you are experiencing a harder ride with a lot of vibration as you drive, your suspension might…
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What's The Deal With Tire Rotations?

Your tires don't all wear at exactly the same rate. Many things, such as the type of drivetrain you have, can affect the rate of tire wear. That is why we here at Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville felt it necessary to give you the basics about tire rotations.

Tire rotations need to be completed regularly to maximize the usable life of tires. Without it, you will end up paying far more for full replacements. While experts recommend that you should have your tires rotated once every 5,000 to 6,000 miles, this number can be far lower if you…
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Discover How to Test Your Car's Battery Safely

To quickly see if the battery in your car is still functioning properly, you'll need a voltmeter, gloves, wire brush, and safety eye-wear.

Open the hood after the car engine is off, put on your protective eye-wear and gloves, and use the wire brush to clean the contacts on the battery terminals,

The voltmeter has only two color-coded cables. Red cable to battery positive terminal, black cable to battery negative terminal.

Now that the cables are secure on the car battery, load test the voltmeter. If the reading comes back at 12.4 or higher, the battery is still…
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