Value Your Trade

Trade Value in Greenville NC

Are you looking to buy a new or used car while trying to decide what to do with your current vehicle? You're not alone. Many car buyers find themselves with this dilemma at this stage of the process. Let Barbour Hendrick Honda Greenville help you with this situation. We can evaluate your current vehicle and tell you how much you can expect to receive for it on trade or even give you a cash offer. That's right. Our dealership is always looking to purchase pre-owned vehicles and we will often buy your car even if you don't buy one of ours. We offer a handy online trade in evaluator that's an easy way to get an estimate on what your vehicle is worth. We do recommend, however, that you bring your car to our dealership located at 3300 S Memorial Dr Greenville, NC 27834 if you'd like a bona-fide offer in writing.

Your Trade Value Is Important Information

Why is knowing what your current vehicle is worth so important? It's simple. When you know how much you can expect to get if you sell or trade your car, it allows you to get a better grasp on what kind of vehicle you might be able to afford. Having a vehicle to trade in often means you can use the money you get from it as a down payment on another car, truck, van or SUV. A down payment can often help improve your chances at loan approval as well. One of the least known facts about a vehicle's trade in value is that it changes on a day to day basis. You read that correctly. Every day, your vehicle gets a little older and the depreciation factor increases. That means your car will never be worth more than it is TODAY. Barbour Hendrick Honda Greenville can give you the absolute maximum value for your current vehicle and help you get into a new Honda or quality pre-owned vehicle as well. Just call (855) 276-7411 if you'd like more information on trading in your vehicle or the factors that go into determining your trade in value.

Get Top Dollar for Your Trade at Barbour Hendrick Honda Greenville

Ready to trade in your current vehicle? Want to get an idea of how much you can expect for it? Just use our online trade in evaluator! With that information in mind, you can shop our great selection of new and used vehicles with confidence and find the one that's right for you. We offer some of the highest trade in values anywhere in the New Bern, Goldsboro and Rocky Mountain areas at Barbour Hendrick Honda Greenville located at 3300 S Memorial Dr Greenville, NC 27834.

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