Oil Change Service

Quick Oil Change Service Near Greenville, NC

It's easier than you may think to maximize the life of your car and keep it running efficiently and reliably for many miles to come. The key is in keeping up to date with regular maintenance like oil changes. This simple service is quick, budget-friendly, and more important than many drivers even realize.

The thing is, motor oil is the lifeblood of your car's engine - and the engine is the heart of your car. Protecting it in every way you can is the most effective method of ensuring that your vehicle continues to perform at its peak.

's service center is staffed by a team of experienced automotive professionals who are ready to get your car caught up with oil changes - and any other service you may have fallen behind on. They will get the work done quickly, paying careful attention to anything that might be affecting your engine's performance or well-being. The best part? The service is incredibly affordable, and the peace of mind costs nothing at all.

Why Are Oil Changes So Important?

Oil changes can be easy to overlook due to the lack of obvious symptoms. But just because your car seems to be running fine doesn't mean that everything's perfect under the hood.

If you skip oil changes, your engine can pay the price - potentially leading to costly damage that is avoidable by simply keeping up with basic maintenance. Motor oil plays several crucial roles in the proper functioning and protection of your engine, and here's why you should take this simple service seriously:

  • Motor oil keeps the many moving parts of your car's engine lubricated. This keeps them from grinding together and causing friction that leads to excessive wear and tear.
  • Motor oil acts as a coolant for the engine and its parts. Keeping things from getting too hot under the hood is an important way to prevent heat-related engine damage.
  • Oil changes replace debris-filled motor oil with a fresh supply and helps prevent sludge buildup that can keep your engine from functioning as efficiently as it should.

Oil Change FAQ

Many drivers understand that they must regularly get oil changes done on their car, but that might be the extent of their knowledge on oil changes. They don't necessarily understand the 'why' of getting an oil change. If you'd like to further your knowledge on automobile maintenance, then our team at Barbour Hendrick Honda is happy to answer some of the most common questions asked about getting the oil changed out of your vehicle. Keep reading to learn more:

  • What happens during an oil change?Your vehicle uses oil to keep parts inside the engine lubricated, so that they run properly. Over time the oil gets dirty and depleted. During an oil change, the older oil is replaced with new, fresh oil.
  • Why should I do a full oil change instead of just topping it off? Sometimes drivers will simply top off the oil that is currently in their car with additional oil, but it is important to note that while you do have new oil, it is mixed with older oil that may possibly be starting to get gunky. To make sure oil is running smoothly through your engine, you need to replace all of the older oil with new oil. This is what takes place during an oil change as well as having the oil filter replaced.
  • Can I switch brands of oil between oil changes? The brand of oil you use isn't as essential as the importance of the viscosity of the oil staying consistent. It may be wise to stay with the same brand, so you know that you are getting the correct type of oil for your car. If, however, you find a brand that is less expensive but has the same viscosity that you need for your model's particular engine, you will be fine.
  • Is it better to change your oil when it's hot or cold outside? The answer to this question is "Yes" because it is important to change your oil throughout the year. No matter what the season, you need to keep regular maintenance on your car. However, when changing your oil, it is important to note that it will be easier to perform oil changes in the warmer months. A good tip for changing oil in the winter months would be to turn your car on for a few minutes to allow the oil to drain better during the oil change.
  • Can I change my own oil?You are certainly capable of changing your own oil. If you would like to leave the dirty work to experts, then don't hesitate to bring in your vehicle for oil change service at Barbour Hendrick Honda. Let us do the work for you, so you can spend your time doing the things you love.  Schedule an appointment today.

Schedule Oil Change Service at Barbour Hendrick Honda

Now that you know more about getting your oil changed, there is no reason to not get your oil changed today. It is an easy and convenient service that our team at Barbour Hendrick Honda can take care of today. Don't hesitate to contact us and schedule service today. Our team will get you in and out, so that you can get back on the road and on with your day.