2022 Honda Odyssey
2022 Honda Odyssey
2022 Honda Odyssey
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Family transportation vehicles have in recent times been almost exclusively the domain of the SUV. But those popular people movers, while spacious and appealing in a variety of ways, are not the only choice you have. Consider the .

Sure, it's a minivan, and you may have childhood memories that paint those vehicles in a less-than-glamorous light. But Honda has done incredible things with their minivan, and the Odyssey deserves a closer inspection. Not only does this reimagined vehicle boast generous space in its comfort-focused interior, it also provides state-of-the-art technology features and innovative touches that will enhance every drive. And the surprises keep coming in the Odyssey - most visibly in its remarkably stylish and dynamic exterior.

Simply put, the Odyssey is the minivan for people who never thought they would drive a minivan. Designed with families in mind, this exceptionally well-rounded vehicle keeps occupants entertained, connected, and protected on daily drives and road trips alike. All you have to do is enjoy the ride.

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2021 Honda Odyssey Interior

What's New in the 2022 Honda Odyssey?

Honda is committed to continually improving its line of vehicles for your driving convenience and enjoyment. The Odyssey is no exception. However, the 2022 model underwent just a few changes after 2021 saw more significant adjustments. This year, there is a new color to the line-up. You can now pick radiant red metallic for the exterior paint. Also, it is no longer an option to choose the integrated vacuum cleaner. In 2021, the Odyssey got new headlamps and a revamped grille. The Elite model also got some higher-end materials and trims inside. Also, at this time, the base model's optional safety features became standard.


Honda Odyssey History Highlights

Honda's standout minivan debuted in 1995 and was praised for its fantastic selection of comfort amenities and safety equipment. In 2000, the Odyssey received sliding rear doors in lieu of hinged ones. This redesign also introduced a longer body, an included navigation system, and a more powerful engine in its 3.5L V6.

The 2005 Odyssey arrived on the scene with a new ACE body structure for increased safety and crashworthiness, and also added variable cylinder management.

Throughout the years, the Odyssey has evolved and adapted to changing technology and driver expectations, and it has always remained true to what it is at its heart: a well-equipped, family-centric vehicle that makes daily drives and long journeys more relaxing and enjoyable for everyone.

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