Honda Sensing Technology

The Honda Sensing Suite

Did you know that the first brakes for cars were actually just a lever that triggered wooden blocks to stop the wheels? It's true! Thankfully, the brakes on cars have come a long way since the early days of automobiles, and now many cars, including every car in the Honda lineup, can be equipped to stop on their own without input from the driver. How is this possible? Through decades of innovation that have led to the creation of the Honda SensingĀ® suite, a cutting-edge collection of driver assistance features that work to keep you safer than ever on the roads.

The Honda Sensing features were first available in the 2016 model year, and Honda has continued to refine and add on to the suite over the last several years to make it one of the most innovative and comprehensive safety suites on the market. Every Honda vehicle is available with the Honda Sensing bundle, and most of the brand's vehicles include it as a standard package. Let's take a look at what this collection of features includes.

Current Honda Sensing Features

There are four main components to the Honda Sensing suite: a collision mitigation braking system, road departure mitigation system, adaptive cruise control, and lane keeping assist system. The collision mitigation system, road departure mitigation system, and lane keeping assist work to scan the road and keep you in your lane and safe from potential collisions. If you drift from your lane without signaling or if the vehicle senses an impending crash, these systems will step in to re-center you and/or apply the brakes as needed.

There are also additional features that can be accessed in the upper trim levels of new Honda vehicles such as traffic sign recognition, Honda LaneWatch, blind spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic monitoring, and automatic high beam headlights. From helping you drive at the right speed to helping you merge with confidence; these invaluable safety features add extra reassurance to every drive.

The Future of Honda Sensing

As automotive safety technology continues to expand and innovate, we'll see Honda adapt the Sensing suite to keep pace with current automotive trends. More features will be added, current features will be refined, and more Honda vehicles will offer these driver assistance features as standard equipment. Honda has always been at the cutting edge of automotive trends, and there is no doubt that this will continue!

Stay Safe in a Honda from Barbour Hendrick Honda Greenville

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