2022 CR-V Vs. 2022 RAV4 Near Raleigh, NC

2022 Honda CR-V

2022 Honda CR-V

2022 Toyota RAV4

2022 Toyota RAV4

2022 Honda CR-V vs. 2022 Toyota RAV4

You don't have to be an expert on all things automobiles to know that SUVs are among the most popular vehicles on the road today. These come in all sizes, but the challenge remains the same: deciding which one is right for you. Honda vs. Toyota has been a hotly contested debate for a long time over which maker produces the highest-quality options. In this class of SUVs, the Honda CR-V is the one you should consider. Its biggest rival may be the Toyota RAV4, which has many of the same elements and benefits. The good news is that with some careful research, you can find out just why the 2022 Honda CR-V should ultimately win and be the one you purchase.

Interior Comparison

Perhaps the first thing you'll notice about the CR-V is just how comfortable and stylish the interior is. It has some high-end materials, but it isn't over the top. In fact, this SUV is modern in its look and feel. Most of all, it provides all the comforts and conveniences you would want and need. There is plenty of storage for road trips, grocery-store runs, and for whatever else you need to carry in your vehicle. The back seats also fold down, giving you more storage capability. Cruise control, electric power steering, adjustable seats, and cupholders are also in this model.

The RAV4 doesn't skimp on these elements either. Plus, it has a trunk capacity of 37.6 cubic feet. It seats five and gives people in the front row 39.5 inches of headroom, 57.8 inches of shoulder room, and 41 inches of legroom. Meanwhile, the 2022 Honda CR-V also seats five and has a trunk capacity of 39.2 cubic feet. The 40.1 inches of headroom, 57.9 inches of shoulder room, and 41.3 inches of legroom are a little more than the RAV4 has. The CR-V is the winner when it comes to the interior.

Performance Comparison

It's not the biggest SUV available, but the CR-V still packs a punch and is a reliable performer. It has a 1.5-liter turbo inline-four engine that puts out 190 horsepower and 179 pound-feet of torque. The CR-V gets up to 60 mph in 9.3 seconds. On the other hand, the RAV4 uses a 2.5-liter inline-four that produces 203 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque.

Safety Features Comparison

Safety is an area you can't skimp on. You need to feel at ease behind the wheel and know that everyone in your vehicle will have the protection they need. The best SUV is one that has excellent safety features. The 2022 Honda CR-V will take good care of you. It has six airbags, lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, tire pressure monitoring system, vehicle stability assist, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking. It also includes a post-collision safety system, four-wheel antilock brakes, and rear door child safety locks.

The 2022 Toyota RAV4 has some nice safety features, too, though not as comprehensive as the CR-V. It has blind-spot detection, cross-traffic alert, and daytime running lights.

Find the 2022 CR-V Near Raleigh, NC

As you drive in Raleigh, NC, you need to have confidence that you are driving the right vehicle for your needs. As you evaluate the CR-V vs. RAV4, you will see that the 2022 Honda CR-V is the way you should go. It has more cargo room and safety features. To check out this model, stop by and visit the showroom at Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville near Raleigh, NC, today.