Proper tire inflation has numerous benefits such as extending the life of your vehicles' tires, better gas mileage, better handling, and improved safety. A tire pressure gauge should always be used to ensure that your vehicle's tires are reading the correct pressure. Your vehicle's tire pressure should be checked regularly because it can decrease over time.

If your vehicle's tire pressure is incorrect, it could be overinflated or underinflated. Either condition is a safety concern and should be immediately corrected. Overinflation causes the weight of the vehicle to be primarily on the center of the tire. Underinflation causes increased rolling resistance and the weight of the vehicle is concentrated on the outer edges of the tire.

The tire pressure information can usually be found on the tire, on a sticker in places such as the doorjamb, glove box, or trunk. The vehicle owner's manual will also have this information. Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville can service your vehicle and check your tires for proper inflation and repair or replace them if necessary.



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