If your automobile doesn't respond properly during turns, it's probably oversteering or understeering. Whenever you experience either problem during every cornering situation, you must let a seasoned technician service your automobile.

Oversteering and understeering are common problems that develop as an automobile ages. Understeering can make you maneuver your vehicle off of a road because it dramatically delays the steering response time. In order to control a car that understeers, you'll have to spin your steering wheel several degrees. Around steep curves, understeering can be quite risky since it could direct a driver off a road if the timing is off. Oversteering is a bit more manageable since it makes a car turn sharply. However, if you drive a vehicle too quickly that oversteers, it may spin out.

Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville has a seasoned automotive crew that services defective steering hardware. Our technicians can enhance an automobile that makes wide or sharp turns on the road.


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