Summer Tires vs All-Season Tires

At Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville, many of our customers choose to equip their vehicles with summer tires as the weather gets warmer. There are many advantages to using summer tires when the weather is hot. With summer tires, you get superior grip on wet, dry, and extremely hot roads.

Summer tires perform better in the warm weather because they are made with a tread compound that contains sticky additives to optimize road grip in wet conditions. The tread also keeps the tires stiff on hot roads. Summer tires are recommended when the average daily temperature is above 44°F, and all-season tires are best in temperatures that are slightly above freezing.

So which tires are best for you? If you live in an area with temperatures that are typically above 44°F, then summer tires are probably better. Summer tires are also beneficial in urban areas that get plenty of rain in the summer because they help prevent hydroplaning.



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