The Importance of Having Correct Tire Pressure

Few things can put a damper on a trip quicker than having a flat tire. Often, monitoring your tire air pressure can prevent this from happening. Many drivers buy new tires and forget about checking their air pressure from time to time. Stop at Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville and allow our technicians to check your tires and give you some helpful tire care tips.

Different things, including wear and tear, hot temperatures, cold temperatures and even road conditions, can affect the air pressure on your tires. It’s just as dangerous to drive on over-inflated tires as it is on under-inflated tires. Most new vehicles have an automatic tire monitoring system alerting you if your tires have incorrect air pressure. Tires on older vehicles need to be monitored with a tire gauge.

When adding air, always use the amount recommended in the owner’s manual or on the side of the door. Stop at our dealership in Greenville and allow us to service your vehicle.



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