Most Common Causes of Fluid Leaks from Your Vehicle

Being able to diagnose trouble with your vehicle is all about taking swift action. The team at Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville wanted to pass along some concerns you should have when you see leaks under your vehicle.

The most common cause of a leak under your vehicle is motor oil. This dark brown stain can result from too much fluid in the pan, a compromise of the gaskets around the oil pan, or the oil filter not being screwed on correctly.

Engine coolant will be greenish in color, and could lead to a number of serious concerns. You'll notice drips of engine coolant if you overfilled the radiator, left the cap of the radiator too loose, or if one of the radiator hoses is starting to fail.

Transmission fluid will be reddish in color, and could begin dripping when you're adding too much fluid without measuring or the gasket around that pan failing too.



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