Making a Winter Survival Kit Easily for Your Vehicle

The team at Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville are committed to helping local drivers stay safe on the roads. Here is a helpful guide for packing a winter survival kit in our vehicle this season.

Breaking down at night is a scary thought, especially when the car can no longer generate light. Packing a flashlight and plenty of new batteries will go a long way in ensuring you can make repairs or be able to flag down other motorists for assistance.

The longer you are stranded in a disabled vehicle, the more a threat of hypothermia becomes a reality. Be sure to have at least one very heavy blanket in your kit, allowing you and passengers to use body heat to deal with the cold until help arrives.

Food will certainly be a premium if trapped for countless hours, so fill a bag with plenty of non-perishable items. Cookies, granola bars, and even peanut butter, can help reduce those hunger pains.



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