Carpooling is a big part of going to school. Between the busy lives we all lead and the rising cost of fuel, more parents are choosing to carpool their kids along with some of the neighborhood kids. At Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville, we want you to keep your kids as safe as possible during the ride. Come and see us for some great carpooling tips.
• Arrange a method of communication to keep in touch with neighbors (email, cell phone or landline).
• Be organized about time and allow for the unexpected.
• Do not overload your vehicle with more children than the vehicle is designed to carry.
• Be sure that booster seats are provided for children not old enough or tall enough to ride in a car seat.
• When letting the kids out at school, make sure they exit safely with older kids assisting younger kids.

We invite you to come to our dealership in Greenville and test drive a family-friendly vehicle, of which we have many.



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