If You Just Drive Around Town Keep an Eye on Your Exhaust System

All drivers should check their exhaust system for leaks or problems, but people who just take a few short trips around town may want to keep an even closer eye for problems. Exhaust systems on cars that just drive a couple of miles a day don't have time to get hot enough to evaporate collected water, which can lead to rust damage.

If you notice vibration when you start up your car, especially through the pedals, seat, or steering wheel, you might have an exhaust problem. Popping and hissing noises are another warning sign, as well as reduced gas mileage.

Our service department at Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville has convenient hours to help evaluate your exhaust system and recommend any needed solutions for problems. We are only a short drive away in Greenville and eager to help you drive cleanly and safely.

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