Using Conventional Oils

Changing your oil regularly is one of the best ways to ensure your engine keeps running smoothly. This also helps you prevent breakdowns since your motor oil helps your car stay in top shape.

One of the most common oils you can use today is the conventional oils. This is because they are not only affordable but also have chemical additives that meet most car manufacturer requirements. As a result, these oils do a good job at keeping the internal engine surface well cleaned, reducing breakdowns, preventing overheating and providing viscosity that your car needs it that much.

You can always consult your car manual for directions on which conventional motor oil to use, or you can pay us a visit at Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville to get more information about this subject. In addition, we can also do the oil change for you, and you’ll be good to go in a jiffy. You are worth getting the best service in town.
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