Bad Muffler Warning Signs

While few drivers actively ignore muffler and exhaust problems, we at Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville have seen plenty of cases where people just didn't know there was a problem to begin with. Failed mufflers usually cause loud noises, but sometimes there's nothing to tip you off about an issue at all.

Pay attention to your fuel economy. Even though traffic conditions in Greenville might be hurting it, pay attention to anything well outside of what's normal. Poor fuel economy can indicate any number of problems, but it's often related to the exhaust system.

Perhaps the most dangerous but difficult to notice problem arises when your vehicle generates a foul stench. Get any bad odors checked out as soon as you possibly can. These can be a sign that your muffler is failing and allowing some exhaust fumes to leak into the passenger compartment of your vehicle.



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