Why Regular Fluid Maintenance is Essential

Automobiles are among the inventions that have made a big difference in day to day activities. We, therefore, need to take good care of our cars if we want them to serve as for a long time. We may rarely remember car fluids when we think of vehicle maintenance thus the need to discuss fluid maintenance.

There are different types of fluids in our automobiles:

• Engine oil

• Coolant

• Brake fluid

• Power steering fluid

• Transmission fluid

It may be true that many of us think that only the engine oil is paramount and thus are always checking to make sure that this fluid is maintained after the usual 3,000 miles. It is essential we know that even these other fluids need our attention. The braking system cannot work if the brake fluid has run out or has overstayed.

The next time you visit our dealership in Greenville, NC, make sure that our skilled mechanics check all your vehicle fluids.

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