Are your headlights dying or just dirty?

Are your headlights dimmer than usual? If so, the foremost thing you should do is check the state of your battery and the alternator. If the two are in excellent condition, your attention should be on the lights. Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville suggests the following tips for fixing dim headlights.

First, clean the headlights thoroughly and adequately. You may tape them off with the right masking tape to prevent damage to the adjacent paint. You can use extra fine steel and grease to get rid corrosion then do sanding with a disc.

If the thoroughly cleaned are still dim, the next step is to go for a headlight reconditioning. Although reputable dealer can help with reconditioning, you can do it yourself with the right kit.

Still not fixed? It is time to let your dealer take a look at the capsules or the bulb. They could be burning out hence the reason behind them being dimmer than average. You may upgrade to brighter bulbs or just replace the existing at our Greenville showroom.
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