Maintenance is Significant As Cool Weather Approaches

Remembering to keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance is imperative as the cool weather is approaching here in Greenville, NC. As the warmer weather leaves, remember to visit our service center for your routine maintenance. What are some of the services that you should get done? Check out your owner’s manual for your car, and see which services get recommended.

Because the cooler weather can make underlying issues with your vehicle worse because of the cold conditions, it is imperative to see us at Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville for a detailed inspection. Are there specific components to your vehicle that should get checked before winter? Well, replacing dirty filters and getting your routine oil change can help to ensure that your car’s engine works smoothly. Also, in the event of snow or rain, properly working windshield wiper blades are imperative. Your vehicle’s tires and brakes also should get inspected. It may be wise to get a tire rotation or replacement if there happens to be too much wear on the tires, to help provide your car with enough traction to get through inclement weather.

Do you need services done to your vehicle? Make an appointment with our service center today!

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